5 Ways to Use a Blog to Get More Freelance Work

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If you’re looking to freelance, having a blog can be an excellent way to showcase your skills and get noticed. You may even find that a client directly asks you to write for them. But you can increase your odds if you blog and optimize your blog in a way that attracts people who need freelance work done. Here are some ways to use your blog to get more freelance work.

Showcase your writing chops
To get noticed, you need to show off your writing chops. The best way to do that is to showcase samples of your work. If you have a portfolio of samples on your blog, it’s easy for potential clients to see how well you write. It also helps establish authority in an area of expertise because it shows you know what you’re talking about. Create sample posts specifically for this purpose, so you can use them later for pitching.

Demonstrate your knowledge of your topic
Many writers want to show off their writing chops, but don’t know how to do so without sounding like they’re bragging or talking down to the reader. The best way to demonstrate your expertise is to write about it — and what better way is there than with a blog?

Blogging displays your knowledge of a topic while allowing you to provide the reader with useful information and insight into what makes that topic unique. It also helps establish your authority on the subject (which will come in handy when applying for freelance gigs). Furthermore, it highlights personal qualities that make you an ideal candidate for freelance work in this area of expertise (e.g., “I’m an expert on X because I’ve done X for years”).

Demonstrate and build authority
One of the best ways to use a blog to get freelance work is to build authority in your area of expertise. Use blogging to educate people about your field and show off your writing skills. In addition, you can show potential clients that you are an expert on the topic they need help with. You can also use your blog to promote yourself and build up personal brand recognition. If you’re consistent, you can become a topic expert in your area of interest.

Highlight personal qualities that make you a great writer
A blog shows off your personality and the personal qualities that make you a good writer. It also allows potential clients to get to know you at a deeper level. For example, if you’re an expert on healthcare policy, consider writing about whether doctors should prescribe heroin for chronic pain patients addicted to opiates (a controversial topic). Include insights that clients won’t get on this topic from the average freelance writer.

Also, talk about the challenges doctors face when working with people addicted to pain medications. This shows potential clients why they should hire someone like you who is well versed in a specific topic and has inside knowledge of the field.

Highlight your achievements
If you want potential clients to see why they should hire you as their next freelancer, they must know what kind of work you’ve done for other companies or individuals. Sharing this information on your blog is an easy way to showcase your talents and expertise without having to send an email or phone call first.

Let’s say you’ve just won an award for a project you worked on. Or you wrote an article for a major publication or were featured in an industry event. Write about these achievements on your blog, but don’t stop there.

Write about how you achieved these accomplishments and what made them possible in a way that benefits and engages readers. This will position you as an expert in your field and provide valuable information that will help potential clients assess your style and knowledge level and hire you.

Having a blog gives people insight into who you are, your style, your expertise, and what projects you’ve worked on in the past. This increases their confidence in hiring someone outside their company or organization for a project. Having a blog gives you an online presence where people can discover more about you and your work.

Hopefully, this post has shown you why a blog should be part of your freelance business strategy. There are many approaches that can help you get freelance work but they all share one common element: online visibility.


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