How to Find Even More Clients as a Freelance Writer

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Working as a freelance writer offers plenty of benefits, whether it’s creating your own schedule, setting your prices, or writing about a variety of topics. While freelancing offers numerous advantages, it also creates a few challenges. One of the main struggles for freelance writers is the ability to find clients. A lack of clients can make it impossible to make a living as a writer while also creating a lot of stress. Understanding a few tips can make the process of finding clients much easier for your freelance writing business.

Here are tips to remember while you’re searching for clients as a freelance writer.

Create Great Samples
One of the first steps in finding new clients is to create sample articles that highlight your writing ability. These articles can be hosted practically anywhere, whether it’s on your LinkedIn profile, Google Docs, or Medium. You can even use articles from previous clients to help build trust and authority within your niche. Typically, it only takes two to three articles for a client to understand if your writing style is a great fit for their needs.

Network With Others in Your Industry
Another simple way to find more clients is to spend time networking with others in your industry. Attending local events in your community is an excellent way to make connections that can lead to recurring work for your freelance writing business. Networking through different groups on social media is also an effective option for extending your outreach. Over time, building a large network makes it much easier to find work, which can save you a lot of time and energy.

Reach Out to Marketing Agencies
Some writers rather not work directly with clients due to the extra work in receiving payments and all of the time spent pitching your services. One way to overcome these issues is to partner with a marketing agency. Working with an agency is a great way to write articles for a diverse range of industries without having to work with each individual client. Many agencies can offer a steady volume of work, which is much easier than trying to do everything on your own.

Upload Content to Marketplaces
Putting each one of your eggs in the same basket is never a wise decision for freelance writers. Finding multiple ways to make money while writing is key to long-term success. Using marketplaces to upload your articles for sale is an excellent way to make money, as you aren’t dependent on waiting for a client or agency to send you work. You can also write about any topic you want while also setting a fair price for each one of your articles.

Don’t Get Satisfied With the Status Quo
Many freelance writers get comfortable and make the mistake of becoming satisfied with the status quo. However, nothing lasts forever in the world of freelancing, as a long-term client can eventually stop sending you work. The best way to prepare for these changes is to continue to look at ways to market your services to ensure you have a steady stream of work available. Keeping your portfolio up to date to target new customers can help you lessen the impact of slow periods to ensure you have a long and successful career as a freelance writer.

Closing Thoughts
Finding the right amount of clients for your freelance writing business can be a major challenge for many writers. Creating several article samples, networking with others, and reaching out to marketing agencies are just a few of the different ways you expand your client base. Uploading your content to marketplaces and always finding ways to market your writing services is also key to long-term success in such a competitive but fulfilling industry.

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