Six Advantages of Using a Coworking Space

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Traditionally, being a white-collar worker meant going into the company office for work every day. However, there have always been some people — such as freelancers and entrepreneurs — who followed different patterns. With the rise of remote work, more workers than ever are breaking the traditional mold.

One good working arrangement option worth considering for anyone who finds themselves not following the classic company office style of work is a coworking space. A coworking space, simply enough, is a shared workspace where professionals can do their jobs. Here are six important, significant advantages of coworking spaces worth knowing about.


For entrepreneurs or anyone who requires dedicated office space for their business, coworking likely offers a chance to save money. However, coworking spaces obviously cost more than, say, working from home, which has virtually no cost at all. Still, the cost is generally manageable and may be well worth it — especially in light of the flexibility on offer. Typically, membership at a coworking space can be purchased on a daily or monthly basis. The daily option is a good way to try out the coworking experience. It is also a great choice for people who only want to work from the coworking space occasionally, or for people who are traveling while working.

Being Around Other People

Humans are social creatures, naturally designed to spend lots of time around their fellows. While a coworking space is obviously all about work, just being in a place with other people can do a lot to fight the loneliness and sense of isolation that can afflict freelancers and remote workers. The opportunity to spend even just a few minutes a day chatting casually with colleagues is more valuable for mental wellness than might be assumed.

Excellent Networking Opportunities

Of course, the presence of fellow workers in a coworking space isn’t just good in terms of the potential for socializing. The chance to network with other professionals can be the most valuable element of working from a coworking space. Career success is highly dependent on developing a strong network, which can be tough for anyone who doesn’t work in a company office.

While networking digitally is possible and is an opportunity that should be pursued, networking in real life is much easier and more effective. Being in the same physical space as another person just makes communication easier. In many coworking spaces, opportunities to network are enhanced by regular community events that are held.

Valuable Practical Amenities

Coworking spaces will, of course, have all the obvious necessities needed for 21st-century professional work — plenty of plugs, desks, good office chairs, high-speed wifi, etc. Generally, they will also offer conference rooms where teams can hold meetings or collaborate on a project. Dedicated offices are usually available too, though they may cost extra to use. Most coworking spaces will also provide coffee, tea, and perhaps snacks or even full meals.

Improved Productivity

A coworking space is a space specifically designed to enhance productivity. Other environments (such as an apartment or home) are not. The typical coworking space offers a quiet, pleasant, comfortable area, often featuring both relaxed lounge spaces and areas more akin to a traditional office. All of this combines to make getting into a great workflow straightforward. Besides the physical space itself, a coworking space is filled with people hard at work. This generates the atmosphere and general mood of conscientiousness and professionalism ideal for getting a lot done.

Better Work-Life Balance

One significant issue with working from home is that the division between work hours and leisure hours can be blurred, to the detriment of work and time off the job. The habits of relaxation associated with a living space can get in the way of being productive and professional, while, on the other hand, having to work from a living area can make relaxing during off-work hours much more difficult. A coworking space offers the opportunity to restore the separation of work from leisure. Plus, some coworking spaces even offer fitness classes and other events that help professionals relax and chill out.

Coworking spaces have become more popular in recent years, for good reason. The world of white-collar work is always changing, and coworking spaces certainly offer something well-suited to recent developments in how professionals get work done. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers should definitely consider the potential advantages of using a coworking space.

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