The Best Coffee Shops in London for Freelancers

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Getting paid while you get caffeinated is a freelancer’s dream work routine. London has some of the best spots to work and chill without too many distractions or red tape. Inspiration, motivation, great deals on lunch – these London coffee shops know how to get your creativity flowing.

Not every coffee house is created equal. There are varying degrees of quality in their products, but they also provide different types of experiences. This is usually based on their number of seats, amenities, and regular clientele.

Some coffee shops in London have amazing coffee, but you just go in, grab a cup, and get back to the daily grind. These coffee shops are ideal when you’re mobile and don’t need to stop for very long. However, if you’re a freelancer, digital nomad, and an entrepreneur, then you’re probably looking for a comfortable place to pull out your laptop and get some work done with great coffee and food just a stone’s throw away.

The London coffee shops on this list have really put the welcome mat out for London freelancers and digital nomads. You can spend hours at these coffee shops without feeling as if you’re intruding. In fact, many of the establishments on this list are geared toward the freelance work-from-anywhere crowd.

Top 10 Coffee Shops in London for Productive Freelancers and Digital Nomads

Root 25
116B Bow Rd, Bow; E3 3AA

Stepping into Root 25 is like stepping into another world. It’s cozy and inviting with design elements influenced by coffee and tea shops in India, Africa and the Orient. It’s a charity shop with all proceeds going to the Restless Beings, an organization that champions humanitarian causes all over the world.

The coffee is surprisingly remarkable, and the food tastes like something your grandmother would whip up for you. This coffee shop is a community hub which makes it perfect for freelancers who want to network with other like-minded individuals. It’s got super-fast WiFi, but you might want to go analog at Root 25. Take meetings, meet new clients, or do some journaling. They’re even open late on some nights.

Host Coffee
St Mary Aldermary, Watling St; EC4M 9BW

If you’ve ever seen a photo on your social media pages from Host Coffee, it’s hard to believe that it’s a coffee shop. That’s because it’s located inside St. Mary Aldermary church in central London. It’s tucked away on Watling Street, and you’d pass right by it not knowing that this was one of the best coffee shops for freelancers in London.

Host has friendly staff, a visually stunning setting, specialty coffee and freshly made goodies. If you’re looking for a space to get some work done, you can call ahead to book a table for the day. It costs about £10 for 4 hours. You get two drinks and a pastry included. So, there’s no need to feel shy about cracking open your laptop and settling in for the long haul.

Starbucks Angel Station
7 Islington High St; N1 9LQ

If you mention the word “Starbucks” in a specialty coffee shop in London, an angel barista loses their wings. No, really… Starbucks isn’t the best place for coffee in London, but you can’t beat the commercial chain for freelancing. It’s quite common for people to buy a small coffee and pluck down at the local Starbucks for a whole day.

Some Starbucks locations are better than others for freelancers and digital nomads. The Starbucks just outside of Angel station in North London is one of the best. It has two floors of seating, lots of plug-ins for power, and a great location for zipping around the city. It’s also one of the locations that’s open late. You can stay online until 8:30 PM. You might never see the staff crack a smile, but you’ll certainly feel right at home if you’re a freelancer in London.

FWD: Coffee
126 Curtain Road; EC2A 3PJ

FWD: Coffee really knows how to churn out fantastic coffee. After all, they have their own signature blend that’s roasted just for them by Climpson & Sons. There are three locations across London, but the one on Curtain Road in Shoreditch is especially catered to the laptop crowd. You’ll find long tables for big groups, semi-private seating near the windows, and an ambiance that truly inspires creativity.

FWD: Coffee is a place to think, reload, and refuel your body and mind. You’ll find like-minded freelancers at the tables next to you and a friendly staff that totally understands your needs. The prices for food and beverages are middle-of-the-road for Shoreditch. There’s an unpretentious vibe to FWD: Coffee that translates to a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that’s easy on your wallet. There are even pre-paid cards that you can pick up to make it easier for big groups to meet up while you maintain a freelancer’s budget.

Prufrock Coffee
23-25 Leather Ln; EC1N 7TE

It just so happens that one of the trendiest coffee shops in London is also a fantastic place to get some work done. If you’re looking for a place for flexible working, then check out Prufrock. This café has a reputation for having the best-trained baristas in London. It’s doubtful that you will get a better pour anywhere else. Comparable. Equally as good, but not better.

At Prufrock, there’s a serious penchant for local, sustainably-sourced, small-scale, in-season offerings. Come for breakfast and stay for a while. Grab a flask of small batch filter coffee and have at it. Space is a premium here, so you’d better claim a spot and stay planted. What Prufrock lacks in space for laptops and freelancer gear it makes up for in the high quality of everything you’re going to consume.

The Lodge Space
120a Lower Rd; SE16 2UB

If you’re a freelancer in the health and wellness space, then your ideal London coffee shop is located at the Lodge Space. Warm and inviting, this wellness hub is a premiere destination for people who are into yoga, health, coaching, self-care, and alternative therapies. Ain’t no bad vibes allowed in this space.

Health-conscious food items are paired with green décor to keep your mind at ease while you work. You can split your time between the interior space and the zen garden outside so you don’t get burned out. The Lodge Space is also open until 8:30 PM. Your next client or yoga guru could be sitting right next to you, so don’t hesitate to make friends while you freelance at the Lodge Space.

The Common E2
53 Old Bethnal Green Rd; E2 6QA

This coffee shop doubles as a workshop for architects. So, getting the work done is in The Common’s DNA. It’s simple and unpretentious, making it a welcome retreat for freelancers in London who want to get out of the office or get away from the distractions of home. The Common E2 has power outlets, fast WiFi, and lots of plants to keep the vibes mellow.

Bring your appetite along with you. This place has amazing all-day brunch. The burnt lemon chicken wrap is just the type of food you need to keep those fingers tick-tacking all afternoon. There’s a lot happening at The Common. So, if you’re an entrepreneur who’s looking for networking opportunities, this is the coffee shop to be seen and heard.

Omotesando Koffee
8 Newman St; W1T 1PB

This might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of coffee shops for working. Omotesando is airy, minimalist, and a bit high-end. You’ll instantly feel transported to a tree-lined avenue in Japan for an experience with coffee that is unforgettable.

But you’re here to freelance and get some work done, right? Well, why not stretch yourself a bit here? This is the ideal setting to bring new clients or potential business partners. You’re a freelancer in London, and the competition is fierce. A coffee shop like Omotesando is unique. It will make a definite impression on anyone you bring here for a meeting. So, think outside of the box and max out your networking abilities in this transformative space.

Origin Coffee at the British Library
96 Euston Rd; NW1 2DB

The British Library is a place for inspiration and study. That’s why students queue up outside like it’s a K-pop concert early in the morning just to get a space inside. You’ll be sitting on the floor if you don’t fight for a space. However, there’s an amazing coffee shop just outside of one of the world’s greatest research libraries that gets you close enough to the amenities without having to compete with a horde of students.

Origin Coffee is situated along the British Library’s courtyard. Inside, there’s a bright and inviting space, but if the weather is nice, you’ll benefit from the outside seating area. One of the reasons that Origin Coffee makes this list for freelancers in London is the outstanding food. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dessert – they’ve got you covered. It’s all sustainably sourced and delicious.

Starbucks Custom House ExCeL
Warehouse K, ExCel Centre, 2 Western Gateway; E16 1DR

Starbucks gets a second listing for best coffee shops in London for freelancers and digital nomads. This location is a franchise shop, though; it’s not officially a Starbucks, but they sell all Starbucks merchandise. Don’t waste your brainpower trying to figure that out. Just hop on the DLR and head over to the ExCeL convention center for one of the best-kept secrets in London.

The Starbucks Custom House location is the perfect coffee shop for freelancers. It’s quiet, clean, and off the beaten path. There are minimal distractions, and nearly every seat has an individual power outlet. There’s a sports bar attached to the shop, so you can pop in for a pint, some pub grub, or an upgraded restroom. Outside, there’s an amazing view. If you really need to get some work done, this is a freelancer’s dream come true.

Summing it Up

When you’re trying to find your workflow zone, there’s nothing quite like a warm cup of coffee and the right ambiance. The coffee shops and cafes on this list are diverse and spread throughout the city. You’ll surely find something to fit your budget and freelance needs in London.

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