Why Creating a Morning Routine Can Increase Your Motivation

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Working as a freelancer or creative professional can be very rewarding on both a personal and a professional level. When you do your own thing and make your own way, you, and only you, are responsible for your success. That makes every accomplishment that much sweeter, further enhancing the value of this unique way of life.

But while life as a creative professional has its rewards, working on your own creates its fair share of challenges as well. With no boss looking over your shoulder and no external deadlines to meet, it can be hard to stay focused and remain as productive as you would like to be.

Face Each Morning With Confidence
Mornings can be particularly tough for creative types, including freelancers, writers, telecommuters and anyone else who works from home. While office workers have the normal routine to work from, with built-in coffee breaks and time to chat with coworkers, the men and women who work from home must create their own morning routine.

Creating your own morning routine can help you focus and get more done, and that boost in productivity can translate directly into more money for you. When you work from home and do your own thing, your output and productivity can have a profound impact on your income, so creating an effective morning routine will help you in many different ways.

Creating your own morning routine is not as difficult as you might think. Just think about the things you would be doing on a typical job, make a few accommodations for your lifestyle and preferences, and go from there.

Start With Some Exercise
When you are a creative professional, every morning is a brand new challenge and a brand new opportunity. How the day turns out is entirely up to you, and how you start your morning will set the tone for everything that follows.

Starting each day with a brisk exercise session can focus your mind while it tones your body. Whether you do a set of aerobics, stretch your muscles with yoga or take a power walk around the block, you will feel better. Even more importantly, you will arrive home relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of the day.

Choose a Goal and Focus on it Like a Laser
Many creative professionals get so caught up on multitasking and trying to do it all that they lose sight of the big picture. Multitasking may sound efficient, but it just means you’re doing many things poorly instead of one thing well.

Instead of trying to take on everything at once, choose your most important goal and focus on it with laser-like precision. It does not matter if that goal is beating the bushes for new clients, finishing that big project or networking with other creative professionals. What does matter is maintaining 100 percent focus on that one goal until it has been accomplished.

If your overarching goal seems too overwhelming, you can keep your focus and stay on track by breaking the task up into smaller bite-size pieces. If the project will take weeks to complete, break the task up into daily milestones. You will have a real sense of accomplishment as you finish each part of the puzzle, and before you know it, the entire project will be done, your client will be happy and your wallet will be fatter.

Maintaining your focus can be hard when you work from home, but you don’t have to let the challenges derail your progress or disrupt your business. With a little bit of focus and a lot of hard work, you can meet your daily goals, build your client base and succeed like never before.

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